Collection: Fundraising for MeiMei, an abandoned Calico cat

During a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), we discovered four abandoned cats in the vicinity. Three of these cats, with their long fur, exhibited signs of neglect, evident in the balding patches on their coats. We were able to trap and sterilise one of them, MeiMei, a beautiful long-fur calico (female). Our worst fears were confirmed when the vet uncovered an injured paw on her that required stitches and subsequent hospitalization. The total cost of Meimei's medical care amounted to SGD 539.55.

To support MeiMei's ongoing medical needs and future rehoming efforts, we have launched a special fundraising campaign till 30 June 2024. By purchasing these selected products, you can directly contribute to this cause. All sales proceeds from these products will be allocated towards offsetting MeiMei's current and future vet fees.

Any surplus funds raised beyond MeiMei's needs will be directed towards arranging for the sterilization of the remaining abandoned cats - 3 other cats, two of which also has the same balding patches as Meimei, and/or food for the community cats in Canberra, Singapore. With your support, we can collectively make a positive impact on the lives of Meimei and her feline friends.