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About Us

Hey there! We’re a gang of 3 rescued furrbabies, ruling over the hooman slaves in our furrever homes. 

Our merry royal family* is made of Bobo, the King of the Household, First in his name, Protector of the Realms, Groomer of Leather Wallet and Breaker of Tunnels; Zozo the Prince, Forever Baby, Protector of all White Mousy toys and Night Guardian of the Teepee; and PoPo Her Highness, Lady of Hammocks, Fair Maiden with White Boots and Vocal Watcher over the ‘hood.

Our Meowmy is working with her Dad - who coincidentally has his own 3 cats 🤣

Fellow furrbabies from kingdoms far and near will tell you that ruling is hard & educating the hoomans can be tough (is it so hard to find a magical bowl of free-flowing treats?). We took it upon ourselves to represent all ruling furrbabies to demand for a pretty & cosy kingdom/palace/throne!

threefurr came about in 2021 to provide more variety in terms of product design and functionality. All selected products went through multiple reviewing processes by us or our fellow furry friends (i.e. we had fun trying out the sample pieces)… & no, threefurr does not sell food or litter.

Wanna reach out to the royal family? Your hooman(s) can reach out to us via email to hi@threefurr.com.

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the ruling furrbabies. 

  • The Retired Dad

    Growing up, he banned us from having any pets. Now, he shares his bed with his 3 cats - and he babytalks to them. I guess it's kinda fated that Dad & Daughter have 3 cats each in their respective households 😅

    Dad manages the Operations and packs all of your orders. He's very proud of his work - Do share some love on Instagram, so he may gush over his own work 😉

  • The Daughter

    Bobo, Zozo & Popo's Meowmy whose Spotify is now filled with tons of recommended playlist for calm music for cats. Hit her up for recommendations 😉

    She handles everything else - except for Operations & Inventory, because Dad does not understand the concept of "organised chaos".